Citroen C4 have put a lot of time and effort into making sure their C4 model covers a segment of the market entirely. There are a number of different variants including the Citroen C4 Picasso, the Grand Picasso and of course, the Cactus. It appears they have also put in a lot of effort to try and make sure the C4 interior is top notch, and Citroen must be doing something right as they have won an award for having the Most Beautiful Interior at the 2015 international automobile festival.

The car itself is a car that is one for looking at, it may not be to your taste, but it is different and you can tell a lot of attention was paid to making the car look unique and perhaps even beautiful. The interior also follows suit, and I’m in agreement with the International Automobile Festival, for I think it truly is beautiful, it looks like you are sat in an extremely luxurious and expensive wash bag.

If it’s beautiful interior hasn’t convinced you then I don’t know what will, head over to for more Citroen Models.

Congrats Citroen!